HVAC GAME CHANGER: Instant Float Switch Alerts

HVAC GAME CHANGER: Instant Float Switch Alerts

Nobody likes to get a call from a customer to hear that their air conditioning has stopped working and their house feels like a sauna. It usually means that we rush over a senior tech, often after business hours, or on the weekend.

When the tech finally gets onsite, he discovers that a clogged drain line tripped the condensate float switch and turned off the air handler. For most contractors, this happens about 30% of the time. Clogged lines also cause horrible water damage to customers’ ceilings. This makes an already bad situation worse.

Fixing a drain line is easier than fixing the relationship with an unhappy customer. In fact, a junior tech can unclog a drain line. This frees up the senior tech to close higher value system sales. 

Why isn’t there a solution to this problem? If you can get an alert on your phone when someone rings your doorbell, why can’t you get alerts for float switches?

Fortunately, this is what Alert Labs does best. Working alongside experts with more than 75 years of experience in the HVAC industry, they’ve created a cellular based system to send contractors alerts for clogged drain lines. Now, you can get an alert on your phone for a clogged drain line and send the right tech to the property fast. You’re also saving your customers’ homes from a disastrous water leak from the air handler.

Attic air handler setup for Floodie flood sensor and Float Switch cable

The HVAC industry is tough and it’s getting tougher. HVAC businesses have to be smarter about  managing their costs and team schedules. Finding new and better ways to add value to customer relationships is necessary to stay competitive. Alert Labs is providing technology solutions to help fellow HVAC contractors work smarter.

Senior techs are retiring and there aren’t enough junior techs to replace them. Remote A/C diagnostics is key to smarter truck rolls. That’s why Alert Labs developed the Sentree A/C monitoring system. You can now see your whole install base on a phone or computer and see which units need servicing. It’s better for your customers, and for all of us, if we do A/C prevention instead of emergency response.

Sentree A/C monitoring system installation