File your warranty claim online

File your warranty claim online

Warranty Look up. Order Replacement Parts. File and Track your claims.

You can now submit claims from your office or on-site during a repair job. Thanks to the feedback of customers like yourself, we are implementing the newest solution on Online Warranty Claim Submission. Submit your warranty claim from our easy-to-use dashboard and enjoy all of the features in the Warranty Center Dashboard. Complete the entire warranty process, from simple warranty lookups to submitting a claim.

You can now submit claims from your office or on-site during a repair job.

Let’s stay organized

Start the entire process online. You can submit your claim with minimal information. The new warranty center is available from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Enter the information directly from your job site with no hassle.

The Perfect Parts Partner

Make sure you always have the right part! Our Warranty Center can suggest the right part to fulfill your customer’s claims. Take advantage of our seamless system and have the parts waiting for you at your next visit to your favorite Gemaire location!

Check on your Claim Status

From warranty lookup to final claim payment, you will be guided through this entire process. In a few steps, you will have your claim submitted and ready for processing. The entire process can be expedited and verified through our automatic tools.

For additional information, visit our Warranty User Guide.

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