Heads up… a new Dashboard is coming!

Heads up… a new Dashboard is coming!

Big news… we’ve redesigned the account dashboard to better help you navigate and view all of your account information. The new dashboard offers immediate insight into orders, account balances, templates, and much more.

All customers can expect the same upgrade to the dashboard and will be able to benefit from the new and improved organizational design. Keep an eye out for the upcoming change! In the meantime, here’s what to expect:

What’s new specifically?

At first glance, the dashboard will look entirely new; we’ve gone with a visual redesign that brings transparency to balances, quotes and orders right out of the gate.

Let’s break it down:

Account Balances

Keeping track of your account balances just became a breeze with our brand new Account Balances section. Administrators can now get a high level view of all of your accounts, along with credit utilized, gives you a solid handle on the status of your account, all from your main dashboard page.

Recent Orders

Visibility and ease were our biggest inspirations, and nowhere is this more evident that with the Recent Orders section. Your recent orders and processing orders can all be viewed and managed from the main dashboard or the side menu; giving you plenty of options to get where you need to go. We gave our filters a major makeover, now making it easy to search by Order Number, PO Number, Job Name and Serial Number. You can also search by product and your results will show all of the orders that have that product as well. Finding the order you need, reordering what you’ve ordered before, or simply taking a look at your history has never been easier.

Open Quotes

Following the same theme, open quotes are now easier to find, view and filter. You can filter by quote ID and PO Number, Branch or date created. Find and accept quotes with just a click of a button.

Order Templates

Alongside being able to easily filter and sort through your order history, we have brought your order templates front and center. Organize and manage your templates from the navigation menu or straight from your dashboard. Ordering what you need when you need it has never been easier.


Warranty has a new look these days- now you can look at your warranty dashboard and also submit a claim or lookup a warranty right from your main navigation. Keep track of your claims, create new claims, and review your claims all without ever leaving your dashboard.

Familiar tools, different look

All of the features and tools you’ve come to know and love are still available in the new dashboard. You can still manage users and linked accounts, but we added roles and permissions and company users, to give you another degree of visibility into your account structure and organization.

All in all, adding new places to quickly and easily manage your business at your speed with easy to see and easy to use features and tools helped inspire our new dashboard design.