Meet the Renaissance Line

Meet the Renaissance Line

The Rheem Renaissance line of Light Commercial Packaged Units is the culmination of years of research and development, innovation and creative engineering. Rheem’s PlusOne® advantages allow for easy replacement, installation, and service.  Their widely accepting footprint makes the Rheem Renaissance line a great solution for new and replacement projects.

Easier Installation

The Renaissance line’s industry standard footprint allows for seamless installation on most replacement units and faster and easier serviceability to meet customer needs.  The drop-in replacement eliminates the need for a new curb adapter.  Cut installation time in half for substantial cost savings.

Enhanced Serviceability

Rheem knows that these long-lasting units will need to be serviced for years to come.  The core of the 360+1 philosophy is to look at everything and more, serviceability is no exception.  The PlusOne® ServiceSmart™ package offers built-in features for quick troubleshooting and easy access to key components and parts.

PlusOne® SmartShield™ Coil System

The PlusOne® SmartShield™ Coil System offers unique design features that ensure the long-term function of the Renaissance Packaged Unit.  It accomplishes this through various systems including the following:

ElectroFin® E-Coat Process Technology

The ElectroFin® E-Coat Process Technology delivers superior corrosion resistance for indoor/outdoor coils.  This factory-applied condenser coating enables the Renaissance package units to operate in the harshest of environments.

Full MicroChannel Coil

The Renaissance line of Commercial Packaged units bear the industry’s first full indoor and outdoor MicroChannel Coil for commercial package heat pumps.  The innovative coil maximizes reliability while decreasing the amount of required refrigerant, connection brazing, and overall weight.

Heat Pump Defrost System

The Rheem-Exclusive, patent-pending Microchannel Defrost System virtually eliminates ice build-up in the unit.  With less ice build-up, the unit continues to run smoother and longer — without additional service calls needed, or customer disruption.

Uptime Durability

The Rheem® Commercial Renaissance™ Line encompasses several PlusOne® features that directly boost the unit’s durability.  Its smart systems ensure that users are aware of upcoming service needs before any disruption occurs. 

PlusOne® Diagnostics

In addition to its durability, the Renaissance line of Packaged Units includes PlusOne® Diagnostics features. The Renaissance CoreCommand™ Control offers a dual 7-segment LED Display that delivers enhanced diagnostics with easy-to-understand fault codes.

High-Efficiency Savings

The Rheem Renaissance Line is 30 percent more energy efficient than the baseline technology in most other commercial HVAC units.  This increased efficiency directly translates into thousands of savings over the lifetime of the unit. Additionally, they meet ASHRAE 90.1-2007, ASHRAE 90.1-2013, ASHRAE 62.1 and California Title 24 regulations.
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PlusOne® ServiceSmart™

Use the Qwik-Change Flex-Fit Rack to customize the flexible filter rack to meet your customers’ needs.  It allows for easy changeover between 2″ and 4″ filters.  The Qwik-Slide Blower Assembly offers easy access and removal of blower assembly to service internal components.  Qwik-Clean Drain Pan is a composite material pan that slides out completely for easy cleaning and features a standard overflow sensor.

When all is said and done, the Rheem Renaissance line offers a complete solution for your light commercial HVAC needs. 

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