Financing Options

Financing Options

Offering financing options for your light commercial Rheem Renaissance Packaged Unit is a breeze.  Financing options allow your local business owner to have better HVAC solutions within their reach without hurting their cash-flow or daily business operations.  By being a Gemaire Customer, you have access to additional financing options to help you close more deals.  Programs like Kwik Financing, Ascentium Capital and Credit for Comfort are there for you.

Giving your customers options expands your business.  Leverage one or all three of the financing options that best suits your current bid.

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Ascentium Capital offers 100% financing options with zero-down, deferred payments up to 90 days with advance funding to you at customer’s signature.  This program helps provide easier decisions for your customers.

The customer wins here by getting access to:

  • 100% Project Financing with No Money Down.
  • Ascentium initiates 50% payment to the contractor the day after signature.
  • Up to $250,000 application-only (No Financials!).
  • Deferred options as low as $99 / month for first three months*.
  • Bundle equipment, installation, and warranty into one low payment.
  • Electronic application with instant credit decisions.
  • Cash flow options to capture energy savings.
  • Simple 1-page Documents with all electronic workflow

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Gemaire’s financing solution: Credit for Comfort.  This app allows individuals to quickly secure financing without a big hassle.

Competitive Rates

Choose from a wide range of competitive plans that fit both your customers’ and your business needs.  And with the waterfall feature, any application that does not qualify for prime lending will have a 2nd look through other terrific lending partners.

Smooth Process

Forget about application paperwork. With CreditforComfort, the entire process is done entirely online and completed within minutes.  You send an Easylink to your customer, who will use their device to enter all sensitive information.  Keeping their privacy is one of our top priorities.  And as a Gemaire Contractor, you have access to ongoing support.  The team at CreditforComfort will make sure that you are up and running quickly.  With full support, every step of the way will be a breeze.

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KwikComfort Financing is a program offered directly from Rheem. It’s an easy way to get business financing for equipment needs: heating, cooling, and water heating systems, IT systems, machinery, titled equipment, furniture or nearly any equipment that helps your business grow.

The easy to use system grants a line of credit for business, where they borrow knowing that their monthly payments will never increase.  They can choose from 12- to 72-month financing options.

KwikComfort offers different agreement options for the business owner:

  • Fair Market Value End-of-Lease Option: Customer has the option to purchase the equipment for the Fair Market Value, return the equipment or renew the lease.
  • 10% Buyout End-of-Lease Option: Customer will purchase the equipment at the end of the term for a specific amount, such as 10% of the original invoice amount.
  • $1 Buyout End-of-Lease Option: Customer has the option to buy the equipment for a $1.00 purchase price, or a bargain purchase option.
  • Special Payment Terms or Options: Seasonal, annual, deferred and skip payment programs are available to meet the needs of specific customers.

Qualified contractors will receive a pre-fund payment equal to 50% of the total project cost.  Non-qualified contractors will be paid after the installation is completed. This will be funded via ACH, wire transfer or check sent overnight, depending on the contractor’s preference.

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Financing gives your customers options. Additional choices make it easier for them to conduct business with you.  And gives them the opportunity to get better equipment for long-term solutions.

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